Touchline Fitness offers a variety of membership options designed to fit your schedule and budget.  The more classes you do the cheaper it is!


No Joining Fee, if you pay by Standing Order.


This is a one off joining fee and is waived if you set up a Standing Order and join Touchline Fitness . However if you want to pay as you go you the joining fee is payable.



1 Class per week - £27.00


Great for variation if you already attend other fitness classes or also do your own fitness. Though, if you are looking at just taking one Touchline class per week, it may take longer for you to see the results you are looking for.


2 Classes per week - £33.50


Monthly standing order - £3.50 per class based on attending 10 classes per month.


Great for maintaining a good level of fitness, toning up or losing weight.


Unlimited Classes - £40.00


Monthly standing order - £2.60 per class if you attend three per week or £2.00 if you attend four per week.


Three or more classes per week and you will see the results very quickly and once you have we will help you to set new goals so that you keep striving to improve.


Pay As You Go - £7.00 per class


Due to Coronavirus, all classes must be paid for by bank transfer, to avoid cash at the class. 


This method suits those who really struggle to fit in regular classes into their busy routine. The down side is that a lack of regular exercise may mean that you do not see the results you require. In addition without the commitment of a Standing Order you may be less inclined to attend regularly.


Broadwater Sports Club Members


All members of Broadwater Sports Club receive a £2 reduction in costs per month. 


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