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"I hadn't exercised since playing rugby at Uni and had certainly lost the fitness I had then. The great value, motivational fitness classes helped me get back the fitness of my youth. I loved working and training in a team, you feel you want to push yourself more so you don't let anybody down."

Crispin - International Events Manager


"I really enjoyed the sessions ...I lost weight, looked more toned and felt better about myself. It inspired me to run the London Marathon - thank you"


Paula - Housewife and Marathon Runner


"The Personal Training helped me to achieve my fitness goals. His sessions are always challenging, enjoyable and always varied."


Inge - Business Owner


"As someone who’s business it is to help MDs and CEOs develop leadership competencies I have been involved extensively in team building activities that seek to powerfully illustrate the importance of relationships and a strong culture.

I was intrigued how Kevin Lomas and his team would handle 40 or so excited young men at our mini-rugby team building weekend at King Edward’s School, Witley.

Excellent, professional, unique and enjoyable are just a few of the words that describe the experience - Kevin understood what was needed and the boys had a whole heap of fun in a safe environment whilst learning a lot about teamwork and leadership. The team went on to have their most successful season ever and I’m convinced a significant factor was the team building with Kevin. We’ll certainly be using him again!"



"After some regular sessions I was able to tighten a notch on my belt and feel fitter and healthier than ever."


Mike - Management Consultant

"Kevin designed and ran a very effective pre-season fitness programme for my Milford Puma U16 Typhoons squad. Over two Saturdays, the boys were put through their paces to improve cardiovascular stamina, upper body strength, alertness and communication skills. In the short amount of time available, Kevin developed a great working relationship with the squad. He set tough but appropriate objectives, clearly communicated instructions and expectations and then gave the boys plenty of encouragement to achieve their goals. A really motivational trainer! I am convinced that Kevin's sessions played a significant role in the Typhoon's first game - high energy and tempo over the full 80 minutes, made possible by the higher levels of fitness, helped them secure a 6-0 away win. Result!"


Andy - Manager, Milford Pumas 


"All of Kev's previous experience give him the exact qualities one would look for in a personal trainer. From having a background as a Royal Marines Commando, and having worked for British Military Fitness for several years, Kev's knowledge and professionalism is second to none. I think what makes Kev stand out is his adaptability to suit individual needs. Whichever area of your fitness you are looking to improve, whether training to enter the military, or simply looking just to increase your cardio and lose weight, Kev has all the tricks up his sleeve to help you with achieving your goals. With a fine balance between pushing you and understanding your limits I would highly recommend Kevin as a personal trainer - a great bloke too!"


Matt - Currently applied to become a Royal Marines Officer


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